President Obama Booked Himself on Jimmy Fallon Show

Cause, ya know, what else is there to do?

Glad he got the opportunity to slow jam the news with Jimmy, the way he’s slow jammed the economy.

Via Real Clear Politics:

“It’s the craziest thing ever to have happened to me,” Jimmy Fallon, the host of “Late Night” said about President Obama appearing on his show.

“We keep going to each other on the set, ‘Hey, it did happen right? We did Slow Jamming with the President of the United States?’ What happened is they called us, the White House called us because we did a piece with Michelle on,” Fallon said.

“He booked himself on your show?” Matt Lauer of the “Today” show asked Fallon.

“The President booked himself,” Fallon said. “He didn’t call, the White House called us.”

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