President Hosts Internet Call on Obamacare For OFA Supporters, Site Promptly Crashes

Organizing For America (OFA) hosted a live call with President Obama tonight regarding the Obamacare debacle.

The President spoke for a few minutes before the audio was cut out, and this screen appeared:

Multiple attempts to reconnect failed, with the exception of a brief 30 seconds or so in which the President was complaining about Senate Republicans blocking a nominee for the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Prior to the collapse of the site, President Obama made these statements on his signature legislation:

… there’s been a lot of misinformation that frankly, there have been problems with the web site that have been created and fed a lot of this misinformation.  Part of what I want to do is first of all, remind you of what we’ve already gotten accomplished.

Because of you, the insurance market has the strongest consumer protection the country has ever known.  Because of you, there have been millions of young adults under 26 who are getting coverage under their parents plan.  More than 100 million Americans getting free preventive care like mammograms and contraceptive care without co-pays so they can actually use it.  Most young Americans who don’t currently have health care are going to be able to get health care for less than the cost of their cell phone bill or cable bill.  In the first month alone, we’ve seen more than 100 million Americans already successfully enroll in the new insurance plans.  You’ve got a million Americans who completed an application for themselves and their families.  And, that represents about a million-and-a-half people and of those million-and-a-half people, you’ve already got a whole bunch of folks who successfully signed up to get coverage.  And, you’ve got almost 400,000 folks who could gain access to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act.  So, effectively in a month, you’ve already got half-a-million Americans who will likely have …

The statement that stands out in this portion of his OFA pep talk is the “… we’ve seen more than 100 million Americans already successfully enroll in the new insurance plans.”

At last count by CNN claims that just a tick over 100,000 have successfully enrolled in the insurance plans.

The President’s portion, as well as an OFA pep talk can be heard by clicking here…

You’ll hear the audio cut out at around the 7:19 mark when the error page appeared.

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