President Bush Makes Surprise Visit to 9/11 Museum

Former President George W. Bush made a surprise visit – his first – to the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City this past weekend.

Unlike our current President, who uses such opportunities with veterans, soldiers, and victims in the war on terror as a photo-op, Bush made the visit with little fanfare, and much respect.

Even better, the people that saw the President at the museum were respectful and did not try to disrupt his visit.

Via the Free Beacon:

Former President George W. Bush made his first visit to the 9/11 memorial museum Sunday evening, the New York Post reported.

He arrived at 6 p.m. with his security detail and spent about an hour looking at the exhibits while the museum was still open to the public.

Some people recognized him, but were respectful of his privacy and did not try to approach him.

He did shake hands with some Port Authority police officers at the museum.

The source said he appeared especially moved by an exhibit called “The Final Column,’’ a beam from one tower that was removed from the debris and saved for exhibit at the end of the nine-month recovery effort.

Another especially moving moment in American history involving President Bush can be seen below, and hearkens back to a time when Presidents were leaders and had the spine to fight terrorists wherever they may lurk.


Have you been to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum? If so, tell us about your experience below.

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