The New York Post issued a stinging rebuke of Client 9’s return to politics, endorsing his opponent for city Comptroller, and claiming in their headline that the former Governor is more a candidate for indictment, than for political office.



As we’ve already reviewed, despite the lure of the media to Spitzer’s hooker scandal, there was a bigger underlying issue with the man’s political career – he was being investigated for stunning abuses of power prior to becoming famous as Client 9.

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That said, here are some gems from the Post editorial:

In a few short weeks, New Yorkers will choose between two candidates for city comptroller in the Democratic primary. One is Scott Stringer, a conventional Manhattan liberal. The other is a completely unhinged Manhattan liberal.

His name is Eliot Spitzer, and for a man who styles himself the “Sheriff of Wall Street,” his real expertise is operating outside the law. As attorney general, he acted like some hick-town bully with a badge and a speed trap. But where it counted — in the courtroom — this sheriff seldom got his man.

His governorship read like a script for FX’s “Anger Management,” with Spitzer unable to get along with anyone: not Republicans, not Democrats, not even members of his own staff.

In translating a Spitzer tweet:  Putting me in charge is like going away for the weekend and leaving your teenage son an open liquor cabinet and the keys to a Ferrari.

We would not trust Eliot Spitzer to manage our 401(k), much less take our teenage daughter to the movies — so why should the city trust him with its entire pension fund?

A governor hires prostitutes to travel across state lines, demands his bank disguise the wire transfers to his escort agency, and visits Washington on “official” business just so he can get laid.

Remember when he called for higher ethical standards in Albany and said everything in our fetid capital would change on Day One? He got there and ordered the State Police to spy on his rivals.

The Post endorses Scott Stringer because in a race between an Upper West Side liberal and a hotheaded, hooker-chasing, office-abusing, self-promoting, lawbreaking, ego-obsessed “steamroller” who still has trouble admitting he ever did anything wrong, it should be no contest.

Read the entire epic editorial here…