Portland Man Arrested at Protest and Released Allegedly Murdered Two People Days Later

A man who was arrested at a Portland protest and later had charges dismissed is accused of stabbing two people to death just days later.

Phillip Lawrence Nelson is facing two murder charges in the stabbing deaths of 22-year-old Cassy Leaton and Najaf “Nate” Hobbs, 39, on June 16th, and is currently being held without bail.

Demonstrating why it is important to hold violent rioters responsible for their actions, Nelson had been in police custody just days earlier … but was released.

Court documents, according to KOIN News, show “Nelson was taken into custody at a protest in downtown Portland … just days before he allegedly killed Leaton and Hobbs.”

He was charged with interfering with a peace officer but had those charges dismissed the following day by progressive District Attorney Mike Schmidt.

.@PortlandPolice arrested 19 adults overnight on 11–12 June, the 12th day of violent antifa protests/riots in downtown. https://t.co/XdwoVnDgHR https://t.co/nyRpNqqWTJ pic.twitter.com/v0l9G3FXN3

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) June 13, 2020


Trump Responds to Feckless Prosecutors

Andy Ngo, a journalist who has covered Antifa terrorists extensively, reports that Nelson “was arrested at a violent #antifa protest in June [and] quickly released without bail.”

“His criminal charge wasn’t pursued by the DA,” Ngo wrote, adding “the following week, he allegedly stabbed two people to death.”

How are the streets to be made safe if left-wing activist district attorneys like Schmidt won’t actually prosecute criminals?

The Trump administration may have figured out a solution, deputizing Oregon State Troopers as U.S. Marshals, allowing the feds to prosecute rioters.

Oregon State Police are sending in federally deputized troopers to respond to protest-related violence in Portland — effectively circumventing the Multnomah County DA’s office, which OSP has criticized in the past for not prioritizing prosecutions.

— Deborah Bloom (@deborahebloom) September 1, 2020


Reporter Deborah Bloom writes the move “means state troopers can now crack down on protestors in Portland knowing they’ll likely face harsher punishment from the US Attorney’s Office rather than the local DA.”

Law Enforcement Today equated the move to President Trump playing “six-dimensional chess.”

Too Little, Too Late portland stabbing

Schmidt joins Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler as a pair of clueless liberals with blood on their hands.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany slammed Wheeler as “derelict,” noting that had he cracked down on protesters in the city,  Trump supporter Aaron ‘Jay’ Danielson would not have been killed in cold blood over the weekend.

Wheeler has the blood of at least one man on his hands, Schmidt one man and a woman.

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Instead of following the Portland Democrats’ pathetic example of justice, cities dealing with domestic terrorists should be heeding Newt Gingrich’s advice.

The only way to stop the violence is to “keep arresting people until there’s no one left,” the former Speaker of the House said.

But if you arrest them, you’re going to have to charge them too,

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