Despite their disjointed ‘unity tour,’ a renewed focus on messaging that includes liberal use of four-letter words, and a pair of special elections run on anti-Trump platforms, the Democrat Party remains in utter disarray.

How do we know this?

A new poll shows that for all of their messaging on how bad President Trump has been for America in a mere 100 days, the face of the Democrat Party, Hillary Clinton, would still lose in an election if it were held today.

In fact, a newly held election would be such an unmitigated disaster for Clinton, that she’d lose the popular vote she so desperately coveted.

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Via Fox News Insider:

A new poll from Washington Post-ABC News shows that, contrary to some of the conventional wisdom, Hillary Clinton would not win a rematch with Donald Trump.

The poll, taken April 17-20, showed President Trump leading 43 to 40 percent on the question of who voters would pick if the election were held today.

Meantime, the same poll found 96 percent of those who said they voted for Trump stand by the decision. Among Clinton voters, 85 percent said they would stand by the decision.

President Trump naturally blasted Hillary about the new findings, because why not?


On his new show, Tucker Carlson indicated the “poll is a disaster” for Democrats, and asked former Clinton campaign adviser Richard Goodstein if it was time to adopt a different approach to draw voters, one that actually outlines policies and platforms rather than simply targets the President and his fans.

Carlson chided Goodstein, asking how the messaging of Trump as a puppet of the Kremlin and painting his supporters as racist is working out for them.


It’s pretty clear their messaging is not working out for them on any level. And the only candidates they have lined up for 2020 are spewing more of the same anti-Trump, ‘conservatives are racist’ rhetoric. Candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Andrew Cuomo, or Kirsten Gillibrand stand no chance running the same ridiculous campaign as Hillary, especially without the Clinton machine backing them up.

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