Poll Shows Cuomo Below 50% For the First Time

A New York Times/CBS poll last week showed that Andrew Cuomo is winning the support of just 46% of voters statewide. This is the first poll that has shown Andrew Cuomo below the crucial 50% support threshold for an incumbent.

Since the poll was released, Rob Astorino has launched two separate statewide ad campaigns.

“Andrew Cuomo has little to show for the $14 million he’s spent on campaign ads, let alone the $237.5 million in tax dollars he’s spent on bogus Start Up NY ads, which themselves are thinly-veiled campaign ads,” said NYGOP Chair Ed Cox.

“More bad news for Cuomo: when that poll was conducted, Rob Astorino’s ads hadn’t even debuted. New York’s hardworking taxpayers are turning away from Andrew Cuomo, and as Rob continues to get his message out, they’ll leave Cuomo in droves.”

Earlier this month, almost four in ten Democrats voted against Andrew Cuomo in the Democratic primary.

Here are the poll results…

The poll shows Cuomo with a still-commanding 22-point lead over Astorino.  However, it was just two months ago that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, currently hiding behind his own scandals and unable to discuss Cuomo’s ethics issues, declared Astorino’s campaign a lost cause.

The spread at that time was 37 points.  Astorino has nearly halved that based on the new poll results.

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