Readers of the Mental Recession have once again made their voices heard, predicting that the Republican nominee for President – no matter who they are – will defeat Barack Obama for the Presidency in 2012 Minecraft weapons mod for free.

By a margin of 68% to 30%, readers agree that the Republican will emerge victorious.  Of the 30% who voted for an Obama victory, most felt particularly strong that Obama would not only win, but that it would be a crushing victory adobe creative cloud erneut herunterladen.

We asked:

Will the Republican nominee stand a chance against Obama in November?

They will win by a landslide – 34%

They will win a close election – 34%

They will lose a close election – 3%

They will lose by a landslide – 27% 

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond gmx de app herunterladen!