Poll: Of Those Who Would Like to Kick A State Out of the Union, 25% Choose New York

One in every four voters who said they’d like to kick a state out of the union, would like to see New York state booted if they had their way.

A new Fox News poll indicates that 25% of voters who agreed with the concept (which came in at 17%), would choose to have New York removed from the United States.  As bad as that may seem, it pales in comparison to the great liberal stronghold that is California.  Over half – 53% – would like to see the Golden State say goodbye.

Fox presented the question in the wake of the Scotland vote to secede.  Only 9% of voters wanted to see their state secede from the union, but 17% wouldn’t mind kicking somebody else out.

Via Fox News:

The poll also gave people another option: What if you could boot other states out of the union?

Nearly twice as many — 17 percent — liked that idea.

Which state would be the first voted out? California. Of the voters willing to ditch a state or two, 53 percent pick the Golden State.

Next out the door is New York (25 percent), followed by Texas (20 percent) and Florida (11 percent). Respondents were allowed to name multiple states they wanted out of the union.

Using this Wikimedia breakdown of red and blue states, 8 out of the top 9 states targeted for expulsion from the union are considered blue, or Democrat.  (Note: Florida is considered purple here, but has a slight leaning score of +.320 Dem, and of course they did vote for Obama in 2012)

Which has to come as a shock … to nobody.

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