According to a new poll conducted by Gallup, the number of Americans expressing ‘extreme’ pride in their country has fallen to it’s lowest point since the question was asked starting in 2001 herunterladen.

While Republican response to the patriotic measure has stayed fairly consistent throughout the years, Democrat pride in their country has fallen exponentially since Trump’s election pokerstars appen iphone.

And it continues to get worse.

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Survey results show that as the Fourth of July holiday celebration approaches, while 70 percent of Americans say they are proud of their country, less than 50 percent said they were “extremely proud” for the second straight year worms game download for free german full version.


Democrats Are Ashamed of America

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What is the driving force behind that anti-American sentiment spiele für nintendo switch herunterladen? Democrats in the era of President Trump.

“Democrats continue to lag far behind Republicans in expressing extreme pride in the U.S.,” Gallup writes herunterladen.

A report in The Hill captures how the Republican party does not allow politics to affect their patriotism, whereas Democrats are clearly only proud of their country when people they like are in office spider solitaire free play.

“Republicans’ latest reading — 76 percent — is 10 points below the record high in 2003, according to Gallup,” the Hill relays Download Christmas carols for free mp3. “Republicans’ extreme pride has never fallen below 68 percent, even when former President Barack Obama was in office, the survey giant noted.”

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Republicans have always loved their country, no matter who is in the White House puhdys alben kostenlos downloaden.

Democrats – not so much.

“The latest overall declines in patriotism are largely driven by Democrats,” Gallup explains winzip download kostenlos 64 bit.

“Democrats’ latest 22% extreme pride reading is the group’s lowest in Gallup’s 19 years of measurement, and is half of what it was several months before Donald Trump’s 2016 election victory.”

Less than one in four Democrats are “extremely proud” of America. And a higher percentage lost that feeling after Trump’s election.

No Surprise

It certainly comes as no surprise that Democrats are embarrassed about the country with President Trump at the helm. There can, however, be an argument that even prior to that, a good portion of them didn’t think that highly of America in the first place.

Several prominent Democrats running to become this nation’s leader have expressed their disdain for the country.

Pete Buttigieg said America “was never as great as advertised.”

Cory Booker has said, “There’s things that are savagely wrong in this country.”

Socialist curmudgeon Bernie Sanders announced that “there is something fundamentally immoral and wrong about (America).”

They want to fundamentally transform this great country into a liberal cesspool. We know this about the Democrat party – the Gallup poll simply confirms their hatred of this nation.

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