Poll: 75% of Financial Experts Say Romney Victory Would Improve Markets

A new poll from CNN Money indicates that Mitt Romney would be the clear choice in November if U.S. markets are to improve.  Respondents weren’t randomly polled groups of people either – they were experts in the field of finance.

And they’re not only hoping for a Romney win, but a Republican sweep in the House and Senate.

A recent CNNMoney survey found that 75% of money managers and investment strategists believe a Mitt Romney victory would lift U.S. markets.  The survey also found that “many are also hoping for the GOP to gain control of both the House and the Senate.”

The sputtering U.S. economic recovery, the European debt crisis, the slowing of growth in China, the need to cut government spending, and the looming expiration of the Bush tax cuts were cited as troubling economic signs for America’s financial future. 

These financial experts are clearly banking on the fact that Romney’s ability to create jobs in the private sector, and his experience in running a business and governing … well … something … would be more beneficial to the economy than the ill-experienced President’s policies.


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