Politicians Gone Wild: Candidate Strips Naked in Times Square

There isn’t much that surprises in the world of politics these days. Campaigning this way might be the exception.

Yet that’s exactly what George Davis, a candidate for the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, did in Times Square earlier this week.

The Associated Press reported:

New York City’s Naked Cowboy may have met his match.

San Francisco Board of Supervisors candidate George Davis stripped buck naked in Times Square on Wednesday to campaign for the right to be nude in public.

Davis spoke out against a 2013 San Francisco public nudity ban introduced by his opponent, Scott Wiener. He says nudity is a form of expression.

After Davis’s speech, he conducted interviews stark naked.

In the video below (warning, lunch may be lost), Davis is listed as a “body freedom activist.”

Which is a really strange way to spell, ‘loon.’

Watch the video from Daily Mail Online (NSFW):

Is public nudity really the defining issue facing San Franciscans today?

I’d also like to point out what people like Davis fail to take into account when they voice their support for ‘naked expression’ – courtesy for those around them.

Look at the poor girl in the picture as her mother tries to hurry her away from the scene once Davis has disrobed.

Davis, who has been arrested twice for public nudity, has some campaign experience having run for Mayor in 2007 and as District Supervisor in 2010.

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