Political cartoonist Lee Judge took an abhorrent cheap shot at Second Amendment supporters recently, by using the murder of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle as a means to belittle their argument.

Kyle is the decorated American sniper that was tragically murdered earlier in the month by an Iraq war veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  Kyle’s friend, Chad Littlefield was also murdered that day.

As is typical of gun control fanatics, Judge completely ignores the mental health issue involved in the killing, and instead mocks Kyle’s inability to stop the shooting.

Via BizPac Review (h/t Weasel Zippers):

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. . . And yet on Wednesday, just a day after Kyle’s burial, the Charlotte Sun Herald ran a political cartoon that took an obvious jab at Second Amendment advocates’ insistence that “good guys with guns” are the best way to stop crazy shooters. The timing of such commentary was a classless act that disrespected Kyle’s family and all who’ve served their country.

The slight also appears to be intentional. The cartoon, by Kansas City Star cartoonist Lee Judge, was originally published on Feb. 9 — three days before Kyle’s memorial service.

Here is the cartoon in question…

Of course, the killer was eventually stopped by good guys with guns, when he was arrested by local sheriffs.

The cartoon was originally published on the 9th, but the Charlotte Sun Herald felt it appropriate to reprint it just a day after Kyle’s memorial service.

Kyle served four tours in Iraq and earned two Silver Stars by saving American lives in combat.

As Zip points out:

Kansas City Star cartoonist Lee Judge is responsible for this, email him at [email protected] His boss, Miriam Pepper, at [email protected]