A pair of high school football players in Texas were given the boot after kneeling during the national anthem prior to a game on Friday night.

Cedric Ingram-Lewis and Larry McCullough from Victory & Praise Christian Academy, a private school in Crosby, Texas, told their coach of their intent to protest pokemon alpha sapphire herunterladen.

Coach Ronnie Ray Mitchem warned the players that their actions would have consequences.

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“There is a proper time to do something in a proper way,” Mitchem told an ABC affiliate in Crosby elda software herunterladen.


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Mitchem, according to news reports, is a military veteran tiptoi wir spielen schule herunterladen.

After Ingram-Lewis and McCullough engaged in their Colin Kaepernick-inspired disrespect for the American flag and the national anthem, the coach immediately walked over and asked them to go take their uniforms off herunterladen.


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The players, in the meantime, seemed pleased that their protest drew national attention barmer bonusheft herunterladen.

So this should all be considered a wash, correct? The players felt so strongly about their cause that they were willing to pay the price regardless flight simulator full version for free. And the coach adhered to the rules he had laid down for the players in respecting the national anthem.

It’s a tough situation, but everybody should be happy about sticking to their guns, no songs kostenlos herunterladen mp3?

No, of course not.

Liberals are now demanding that the school be sued, and you can sure as heck bet that they’ll be out for blood with the coach pc lkw spiele kostenlos downloaden.


And while one of the players seemed to get it, saying of their coach “That’s just how he feels,” his mother certainly does not tv browser kostenlosen.

“He has a slave master mentality,” she said. “If you were to go back to that when they wanted to tell us this is what you are going to do and this is how you do it. And if we didn’t comply, we were beaten, whooped or even killed.”


Beaten, whooped, or even killed? Your kid was kicked off a football team, a sport – a game – that is a privilege to play at a high school where your number one concern should be an education, for breaking the rules.

If anything, you should be happy that he was taught a life lesson by his coach.

Meanwhile, Mitchem explained that he holds no ill will towards these players.

“I want this put on here,” Mitchem said in the interview. “I have nothing against those young men. I love them.”

Sadly, that isn’t going to change the fact that their parents, along with any race-baiter that can get in their heads, will most assuredly destroy his career. It’s just a matter of time.

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