This Pick For FBI Director Would Make Liberal Heads Explode

Mike Lee, senator from Utah, has an idea for President Trump’s selection to replace James Comey as FBI director, and it will most assuredly leave Democrats in meltdown mode.

Lee has proposed Merrick Garland, former Barack Obama nominee to the Supreme Court.

Lee has cited Garland’s credentials as a prosecutor as well as the bipartisan support he would command.


Instead of a special prosecutor, @realDonaldTrump should nominate Merrick Garland to replace James Comey.

— Mike Lee (@SenMikeLee) May 11, 2017


Via ABC News:

Sen. Mike Lee raised eyebrows in Washington, D.C., today for his suggestion that former Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland could lead the FBI, a pitch that was heard by the White House first, according to his spokesman.

Lee, R-Utah, visited the White House for a tax reform meeting Wednesday. The spokesman said Kee raised the possibility of Garland as a replacement for recently fired FBI Director James Comey with President Donald Trump’s staff. The spokesman noted, however, that the proposal was not made to Trump directly or during the tax reform meeting.

It may not be as far-fetched an argument as you might think.

Garland has served at the highest levels of the Department of Justice. As associate deputy attorney general, he led a successful death penalty case against Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh.

Conn Carroll, spokesman for Lee explained that Garland “has extensive prosecutorial experience including overseeing the OKC bombing investigation.”

“I think it has some advantages to it because … this is someone who has a lot of bona fides as a prosecutor,” Lee told Fox News. “He has been one who has got allies as a potential director nominee in both political parties.”

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, according to his chief of staff, “thinks that’s a fantastic idea” (choosing Garland).

The idea however, calculates that Democrats will stay true to their principles in having supported Garland very recently, something that can not be guaranteed.

The notion that Trump would be picking him will almost certainly cause some on the left to abandon Garland and go into attack mode. Such hypocrisy was on full display with the choice of Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court, a man the Democrats had all praised in the past but who they relentlessly attacked when he became Trump’s choice.

The rage and obstructionism being demonstrated by Democrats leaves one wondering if Trump were to nominate Barack Obama himself to a position, if they’d still fall over backwards trying to criticize the man.

Vice President Mike Pence refuted reports that he was intrigued by the idea selecting Garland. His office issued a statement indicating “The Vice President is always open and encourages Members to make suggestions on potential nominations but offered no reaction on any of the names suggested.”

In the end, while pundits are buzzing over Lee’s suggestion, it seems unlikely that Trump would pick Merrick Garland to succeed Comey as FBI director. He would have to give up a lifetime appointment to serve under Trump.

Not to mention, as Paul Mirengoff, a retired attorney writes, “Judge Garland has good reason to be angry with Republicans.”

And “I don’t want an FBI director who has good reason to be angry with Republicans,” he added.

Who do you support as Trump’s choice to replace James Comey? Tell us your thoughts below.

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