Photo: Subaru Dealer Outsmarts Union Protesters

A Subaru dealership in Kansas has seen union protesters camp out on the grounds of their business, setting up signs to air their grievances and possibly deter customers from shopping for vehicles there.

So what did Subaru of Wichita do in response?

Beat them at their own game.  Check, and mate.

Via Legal Insurrection:

It has been a longstanding tactic of labor organizations to protest in front of places of business in order to draw attention to union grievances, as well as to deter potential customers from utilizing the establishment.

The vigor of these protests can range anywhere from a wild raucous affair, to the downright sad and pathetic.

This time, however, one Wichita area Subaru dealership has managed to turn a union protest into a funny form of free advertisement.

According to a Yahoo report, the union may have taken issue with the dealership’s contractor hiring a non-union shop for renovations.  The horror!

Regardless, Bryan Jacoutot of Legal Insurrection also tells us that because the union protesters got outsmarted, they decided to move their protest sign to the opposite side, so that the dealerships sign no longer made sense.

Which only resulted in the dealership outsmarting the union protesters yet again…

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