Saying “we can hardly expect him to do the right thing,” the New York State GOP has started a petition demanding that disgraced, recently handcuffed Democrat Speaker of the Assembly, Sheldon Silver, resign.

Silver was arrested earlier today on federal corruption charges for collecting nearly $4 million in illegitimate payments from the law firm Goldberg & Iryami, and another named Weitz & Luxenberg, and performed no tasks in exchange for the payments.  Silver also failed to report those earnings on his annual financial disclosure filings.

In an ironic twist, the law firm of Weitz & Luxenberg, the one that “employed” Silver, started advertising last summer to represent victims of sexual abuse whose claims were covered up by power brokers – exactly what Silver had done for his Democrat colleagues Vito Lopez and Michael Boxley.

The Albany Project tweeted a photo earlier of Silver sitting in the back of a police car, handcuffed.

Even the New York Times, which broke the story has hinted that enough is enough with Silver, saying he should step down.

Additionally, the state Republican Party has started a petition demanding that Silver resign.  The petition, located here, reads …

Democrat Sheldon Silver represents everything that’s wrong with politicians in America: self-serving, arrogant, hypocritical, and corrupt.

We can hardly expect him to do the right thing and resign – and that’s why I’m asking for your help.

We must use this latest embarrassing fiasco of New York politics to demand change — and saying good riddance to corrupt kingpin Shelly Silver is the perfect start.

If you agree, sign your name to demand Democrat Assembly Speaker resign NOW!

Please make your voice heard and sign the petition post haste.