It’s Perfectly Fine to Pee in the Streets of NYC – And If You Don’t Think So, You’re A Racist

Good news Occupy Wall Street hippies. The New York City Council is about to hand you a dream come true, decriminalizing low-level offenses such as littering, possession of open alcohol containers, loitering, and – here comes your favorite – public urination.

This is what happens when you let far-left kooks run a city.

Via the Observer:

The City Council today released a final version of a contentious package of legislation that reduce several quality-of-life infractions from crimes to mere fee-carrying violations—and which it will vote on Wednesday.

Collectively called the Criminal Justice Reform Act, the eight bills will downgrade most criminal noise violations, spitting, littering, possession of an open container of alcohol, public urination and after-dusk loitering and other prohibited activities in public parks to offenses penalized with a ticket. The legislation will also establish a system of escalating fines for repeat offenders, and leaves open the possibility of criminal enforcement of such non-violent infractions in “limited circumstances”—which a Council source said lawmakers will work out with the police department in the coming months.

“For too long, New York’s criminal justice system has been broken—it’s time we fix it,” said Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who long championed the criminal justice reforms. “The Criminal Justice Reform Act is going to continue to keep New Yorkers safe while also creating a more fair and just system that will ensure the penalties fit the crime.”

How does allowing people to urinate in the streets make them safer?

Any ideas why this is such a pressing issue in a city with a serial slasher running around and which is a prime target for terrorist attacks? Because, it’s racist to hold public urinators accountable for their disgusting acts.

Brooklyn Councilman Jumaane Williams said criminalizing the acts “had a disproportionately negative affect on black, brown and poor communities.”

But of course. Don’t try to figure out why those particular communities are committing the acts disproportionately, just portray the police as racist for enforcing laws and lower the bar for those groups.

The package of bills will require the city to create community service options for people unable to pay the fees. No word on whether or not one optional service will be to clean up their own urine.

Earlier this year, Mayor Bill de Blasio mandated that people be allowed to pee wherever they choose depending on how they feel that day.

Are Democrats in New York City all suffering from Urolagnia?  If you’re an outsider reading the news lately, you’d be hard-pressed to come to any other conclusion.

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