People Noticed Something Hilarious About These Sanctuary City Signs in Malibu

The city of Malibu, California recently voted to become a ‘sanctuary city’ in defiance of President Trump’s renewed push to punish such cities, and the move was celebrated with some brand new welcome signs.

Just not the kind of signs you might expect.

The sanctuary city proposal passed with a 3-2 council vote in March, and even included a celebrity appearance from Martin Sheen who declared it a “heroic resolution” and took a shot at President Trump by citing “the heightened level of fear gripping so much of our nation since Nov. 8.”

“We urge the council to adopt a resolution declaring the city of Malibu a sanctuary city,” Sheen begged.

Now, in the wake of victory, an artist has come along and put up some ‘heroic’ signs pointing out the absurdity of the sanctuary city concept.

The signs sure look official enough – almost as if the city itself erected them – but were obviously created by someone who is not a fan of harboring illegal immigrants in their city.

Check out one of them below …

[Funny & true]=> Artists prank Malibu residents with ‘Official Sanctuary City’ sign #rednationrising #ccot #maga

— Junkyard Dogs (@baileyjer) April 6, 2017


And here’s another …

OFFICIAL SANCTUARY CITY ‘Cheap Nannies and Gardeners Make Malibu Great!’ (Boyle Heights Not So Much)” haha 😂 #Malibu #BuildTheWall

— 𝓛𝓲𝓼𝓪 (@Rockprincess818) April 5, 2017


Via the Daily Mail:

The elite enclave of Malibu, California appears to have been the target of a ring-wing prank.

Official-looking signs were set up at the city limits on Tuesday, boasting about the town’s new status as an ‘OFFICIAL SANCTUARY CITY’.  But drivers who looked closer saw that not all was as it seemed.

Both signs had taglines criticizing the picture-perfect veneer of the wealth Los Angeles suburb.

‘Cheap nannies and gardeners make Malibu great! (Boyle Heights not so much)’ one sign read, referring to a predominately Latino neighborhood in LA. The other stated: ‘Because our beach community needs cheap labor, dude.’

Not quite sure why the media had to label it a ‘right-wing prank.’

After all, referring to illegals as ‘nannies and gardeners’ is no different than when this prominent left-winger said they “pick our fruit and make our beds.”

Whether the signs were placed by right-wing pranksters or a former President who was simply bored, officials in Malibu are not amused.

“It’s very disheartening that anyone would put up such an ugly sign,” whined Malibu Councilwoman Laura Rosenthal.

Mayor Pro Tem Skylar Peak said the signs were “a derogatory comment” and whoever was responsible “is very childish.”

Peak said the signs were reported to authorities, which is remarkable considering the city of Malibu has declared they have no interest in upholding the law. If the signs are illegal, then surely the artist will be provided sanctuary.

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