Pence To GOP: This Is The Most Important Fight Of Our Lives

Vice President Mike Pence called for conservative supporters at the Conservative Political Action Conference Thursday to keep fighting for Republicans to gain even more power in Congress in 2018.

Pence reminded the crowd of the grassroots movement that allowed Republicans to overtake the House of Representatives in 2010, the Senate in 2014, and the White House in the 2016 presidential election.

“We must all rise to the challenge before us,” Pence said during his speech. “The other side isn’t sitting idle either. Now more than ever, as we did with this movement, winning the Congress in 2010 and the White House in 2016, We have to mobilize and move forward. We need to act like this is the most important fight in our lives, because it is.”

Pence called on supporters to continue to work hard in their districts, asking attendees for their continued enthusiasm.

 “This is our time, from this day forward, to make america great again, we need every ounce of your enthusiasm, your passion, your courage, and your prayers,” Pence concluded. 

The vice president reminded audience members that their enthusiasm and passion is rewarded by both President Donald Trump and Pence himself.

“President Trump will fight for you every single day,” Pence promised. “President Trump is a man of his word, we are in the promise keeping business these days.”

“How about that Attorney General Jeff Sessions. How about Jim ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis?” Pence asked, referencing some of the promises Trump made about filling his cabinet with individuals he respected and trusted.

Pence also touted Trump’s appointment of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States, as well as the several executive orders reversing controversial policies of the Obama administration.

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