EARHARDT: “Some are calling for the Confederate monuments at the Capitol to be taken down. Do you agree?”

PENCE: “ Well, first off, I agree with the President that seeing people destroy public property in the name of any cause is just simply unacceptable orf tvthek herunterladen. Communities can have conversations about what displays happen. I hold the view that it’s important that we remember our past and build on the progress that we have made visual studio herunterladen kostenlos. The United States Capitol, every state is able to donate two statues to commemorate citizens that they want remembered in the heart of our government suicide squad herunterladen. And states can make those decisions. What we have to walk away from is a desire by some to erase parts of our history just in the name of some contemporary political cause.”

EARHARDT: “You are in favor of keeping those monuments?”

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PENCE: “Obviously, I think that should always be a local decision facebook profilbild herunterladen. And with regard to the U.S. Capital, it should be state decisions. I’m someone who believes in more monuments, not less monuments. What we ought to do is we ought to remember our history titelbild facebook kostenlos downloaden. We also ought to celebrate the progress that we have made since that history. You know, when I walked back in 2010 across the Edmund Pettus Bridge with John Lewis arm in arm and we remembered Bloody Sunday and extraordinary progress of the Civil Rights movement, I can’t help but think that rather than pulling down monuments as some are want to do, rather than tearing down monuments that have graced our cities all across this country for years, we ought to be building more monuments herunterladen. We ought to be celebrating the men and women who have helped our nation move toward a more perfect union and tell the whole story of America.”