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Pelosi’s Accidental Admission: We’ve Been Planning to Impeach Since Day 1

If there is one unimpeachable fact that has emerged from the Trump impeachment circus, it’s that Democrats were planning this coup since Inauguration Day if not earlier.

As Liz Harrington writes at RealClear Politics:

[I]mpeach also means ‘to cast doubt on.’

And that is exactly what Democrats and their allies in the media have done since Nov. 9, 2016. Accepting the fact they all got it so wrong would require painful self-reflection. It is much easier to divert, disparage, and discredit. Otherwise the American people would not learn their lesson. Millions of ‘deplorables’ could get the wrong idea that the swamp is supposed to work for them.


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Democrats have struggled mightily against this charge that they decided on impeachment first, then went in search of a crime. But earlier this week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi lent credence to it without meaning to.

She was attempting to defuse another allegation that has been leveled against the Democrats — that they are rushing through this process at breakneck speed.

She said this:

All I hear from the press is that we’re moving so swiftly, that it’s like a blur going by. This has been a couple of years — two and a half — since the initial investigation. [Emphasis added]



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