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Pelosi Stands By Her Man While McCarthy Slams Her For Putting ‘National Security Threat’ Eric Swalwell On Intel Committee

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McCarthy: “Speaker Pelosi was notified, I was not. I’m asking for an FBI briefing now. But if she knew and maintained Swalwell on Intel, wrong. He is a national security threat. He was put on in his second year. I will tell you as a Leader, Intel Committee is treated differently. Why? Because those who serve on Intel get information that members do not. For the Republican side, the leader — Republican leader appoints there; for the Democrat side, the Democrats appoint there. If you spend the last four years in Intel worried about foreign intrusion, Adam Schiff knew as well. To allow Eric Swalwell to sit inside a SCIF where you do not bring your phones, you do not bring your watch because of what is discussed, he puts the threat of everybody else of what they’re talking about as well. Why did she allow him to stay on that committee? And let’s hope she does not in the next Congress either. The Democrat leader appoints the Democrat side.

The question rises, when did she know? Why did she keep him? The same question to Adam Schiff. Did anybody approach Nancy Pelosi to lobby to put a person on their second term in the minority on Intel Committee. That’s the question I have to know. Then the next question will arise, why did the Democrats pull out of a bipartisan task force on China after they agreed they would? This just raises so many more questions. Eric Swalwell should take it upon himself to resign from Intel. Why did Eric Swalwell, knowing what he knew after he was warned by the FBI, he didn’t go to them, they went to him? Why did he challenge the Director of Intel, John Ratcliffe, when he just briefed the American public on the rise of China’s spying? Why did he challenge that and take China’s side and not America? That begins to raise a question, too. And I would hope the Democrat leadership, it raised a question for them. It’s an easy one to answer for me. He is a national risk that should not serve on the Intel Committee. Swallwell was swindled and he should be against China now instead of keep standing up for them. Yes?”

REPORTER: [inaudible question]

McCarthy: “You get briefed about it. But if you’re on the Intel Committee, I think that would be appropriate. You know what’s interesting to me? This individual actually bundled money to help him get elected. This individual, a China spy, went as far down into mayor’s offices as well. This is something that you have the Director of Intel John Ratcliffe warned the American public about is true, but the only person that went to challenge it and to take China’s side was Eric Swalwell.”

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