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Pelosi Says She’s ‘Not Worried’ Impeachment Will Alienate Trump Supporters

By Mary Rose Corkery

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she’s “not worried” that impeachment will alienate former President Donald Trump’s supporters.

“No, I’m not worried about that. The fact is the president committed an act of incitement of insurrection. I don’t think it’s very unifying to say oh let’s just forget it and move on. That’s not how you unify,” Pelosi said.

“That’s our responsibility, to uphold the integrity of the Congress of the United States. That’s our responsibility, to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” Pelosi said.


The House voted 232-197 to impeach Trump, charging him with incitement of insurrection, on Jan. 13 and 10 Republicans voted for impeachment. A mob broke into the Capitol building on Jan. 6 during a march that turned into a deadly riot against the Electoral College’s certification of the presidential election results.

“You don’t say to a president ‘do whatever you want in the last months of your administration,’” Pelosi said. “I think that would be harmful to unity.”

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