Pelosi: I’ll Be Speaker if Dems Win, ‘I’m a Great Legislator’


BASH: “If Democrats do win the majority, do you have any doubt that your colleagues will elect you House Speaker again?”

PELOSI: “Do I have any doubt? Well, it’s up to them to make that decision, but I feel pretty comfortable. Self-promotion is a terrible thing, but somebody has to do it. And I say this to the women because I want to you to — as you probably know, I’ve usually been very shy about my own — none of us is indispensable, but some of us have something to offer that is appropriate for the time and I think I’m that person. But I say this because I want women to be confident and don’t let anybody minimize what you have to offer. But I am a great legislator, says she, and one of the reasons I am is because I recognize contributions of others as committee chairs and all the rest and how that system works to have the best possible intellectual resources to make the best possible decisions and to do so, whenever possible, in a bipartisan way. I also am politically astute. I put them to the victory in 2006. I know how to do this. This is the first time since 2006 that the congressional Democrats have had the platform.”

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