Pelosi Demands Openness, Continues Hiding Transcripts From Schiff’s Closed Door Hearings

The articles of impeachment aren’t the only documents House Speaker Nancy Pelosi won’t turn over to the Senate. She is also refusing to release the transcripts of House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s secret hearings held in the basement of the Capitol.

One transcript of particular note that is being withheld is of the eight-plus hours of testimony by Intelligence Community IG Michael K. Atkinson, the man who first alerted Congress of the so-called whistleblower’s complaint.

One possible theory as to why the transcripts have yet to be released is that they exonerate Donald Trump. What other reason would the Democrats have for concealing documentary evidence in the same instant that they are demanding full disclosure from the White House and Senate Republicans?

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Another likely explanation for why the IG’s testimony isn’t being made public is that it opens the whistleblower to charges of perjury. This point was driven home during the televised hearings by Intel Committee member John Ratcliffe (R-Texas), who also intimated a Democratic cover-up. Watch:


Pelosi’s refusal to release potentially exculpatory evidence at the same time she is demanding fairness and transparency in the Senate trial should strike anyone paying attention as at least a tad ironic.

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