Pelosi Calls Robert Mueller ‘Mother’ During Interview

When she’s not completely fabricating facts about gun control, botching the name of ‘Hamilton’ stars, or calling John Kasich the governor of Illinois, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is busy delivering eloquent speeches with soaring dialogue and whimsical prose.

Just kidding.

Somebody must have accidentally spilled their coffee on robot Pelosi’s circuits, as a recent interview with MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid simply does not compute.

Pelosi bumbled and stumbled her way through the interview and at one point called Special Counsel Robert Mueller ‘Mother.’

Reid, playing the role of pro-impeachment conspiracy theorist (a mandatory feature on MSNBC), asked Pelosi “If Robert Mueller comes back with a report saying there is evidence of collusion between Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia, do you think he should be impeached?”

“First of all, where does mother, where does Mueller take that?” Pelosi responded.

Um, wha?


That’s … an interesting Freudian slip.

After all, it was Cliff Clavin in Cheers who once explained that a Freudian slip is “when you say one thing when you’re actually thinking about a mother.”

Back to Pelosi … the transcript above does her comments little justice.

The American Mirror provides an actual transcript of what was said, and it gives the full breadth of Pelosi’s struggles in forming complete sentences and/or thoughts.

“Well, it— first of all, what, what does mother— where does Mueller take that,” the California Democrat said regarding the Special Counsel’s investigation. “Uh, but his, uh, his, uh, burden of proof is different than what it would be in the Congress of the United States and people should know that— that he has, uh, and maybe, uh, he could go to a criminal investigation of some of the people he’s investigating.”

It’s readily and sadly apparent Nancy Pelosi has no one around her who cares about her. She is ill.

— Michael Q Sullivan (@MQSullivan) October 23, 2017


While she might have struggled with the spoken word, Pelosi found the long-held Democrat skill of hyperbole to be in perfect working order.

During the same interview, she described the President’s plan to cut taxes as “armageddon.”

It’s armageddon people!

Now, you might find it a little bit cruel to pick on Nancy for her speech issues, brain freezes, and inability to say anybody’s name. Fair enough.

But let me ask you this – Do you think for one moment that during the George W. Bush years, had the former President been subject to mind lapses like this, that Democrats would have simply let it be?

What do you think of Nancy Pelosi’s speaking issues? Tell us in the comments section below!

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