Paul Ryan went on the Hugh Hewitt show and proceeded to shred the Democrat front-runner for the 2016 presidential election, saying Hillary Clinton is not inevitable, is behind President Obama’s “awful” foreign policy, and is even further left of Obama on health care reform electro musik kostenlos downloaden. He added that he thinks “she’s a house of cards.”

Via the Washington Free Beacon:

Congressman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) discussed the inevitability of Hillary Clinton’s presidential election on the Hugh Hewitt Show Thursday herunterladen.

Hugh Hewitt asked Ryan, “Are you surprised, Paul Ryan, Mrs. Clinton went to Arkansas, and she went to Kentucky on behalf of Democrats who lost herunterladen? What’s that tell us about Hillary being inevitable in 2016?”

“It just tells you that she’s not inevitable. I think she’s very beatable.” Ryan said herunterladen.

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Take a listen …

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Ryan:  It just tells you that she’s not inevitable android voor pc downloaden. I think she’s very beatable.  I really do. She’s the architect of the Obama foreign policy for the first four years, and look at how awful that is herunterladen. When she was a policymaker, when her husband was President, her signature issue was single-payer healthcare. I mean, to the left of Obamacare. So I really think this is not an inevitability thing netflix app cannot. I think the media likes to play it that way, and I think Democrats think of it that way, but I do believe she’s a house of cards.

Ryan would also go on to explain what Republicans and conservatives need to do to unify the party to win future elections herunterladen.

The host then joked, “So you’re basically announcing your run for President there, right?”

What do you think? Is Hillary inevitable, and if so is she essentially running for Obama’s third term loom kostenlos downloaden? Is Paul Ryan a potential presidential candidate in 2016?

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