Former governor George Pataki has issued a statement challenging Donald Trump to a debate on immigration policy in New Hampshire.

He urged Trump to “go ‘mano a mano’ on immigration policy.”  Because going with a Spanish phrase to attack Trump over his comments on illegal immigration is super-clever.  Or something.

Regardless, this is actually an excellent idea.  Let’s see how Trump performs when having to play the role of policy-making leader, as opposed to outlandish pundit.

Via Pataki for President:

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At a reporter round table on immigration policy, Presidential candidate Governor George Pataki called on Donald Trump to join him in New Hampshire for a one on one debate on immigration policy.

“Donald Trump has a lot to say about the problems with illegal immigrants, but aside from name calling Mexicans and hurling insults at me and some of our other opponents the American people have yet to hear anything resembling a real plan,” said Pataki.

Trump has repeatedly bemoaned the lack of discussion about the problem telling Fox News, “I don’t understand. Whether you’re liberal, conservative, Republican, Democrat, why wouldn’t you talk about a problem?”

“I say, let’s go ‘mano a mano’ on immigration policy. Let’s get past the name calling and have a real substantive discussion,” said Pataki.

Trump, for all the media narrative and boycotts and faux outrage over his comments, has actually been surging in the polls, coming out on top in an average of over 105 polls.
Trump believes his rise in the polls is just beginning.
“I really think people agree with what I say about the border and just agree with me, period,” he said.
Meanwhile, Pataki has been unable to muster a clear 1% in the latest round of polling.
Perhaps going after Trump is a sound strategy for the former governor to get some much-needed attention.