Navy sailor Kristian Saucier, the man recently pardoned by President Trump when he had been sentenced to a year in prison for taking pictures inside a submarine he was serving in, alleges that Barack Obama’s Justice Department used him as a scapegoat to “take the heat” off an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s use of a private server to handle classified materials herunterladen.

Petty Officer First Class Saucier allegedly used a cellphone camera to take photos in the classified engine room of the nuclear submarine where he worked as a mechanic, the USS Alexandria, then destroyed a laptop, camera, and memory card after learning he was under investigation ps4 media playeren.

He even tried using the ‘Hillary defense‘ to get out of his charges, despite the classified information in his case being far less sensitive than what the former Secretary of State left open to hacking on her bathroom server origin to mac.

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Saucier said, “I made a mistake when I was a young kid, it was a misguided attempt to have some mementos, and it should have never reached the level that it did.”

Trump agreed, making the Navy sailor the second pardon of his presidency flohmarkt app for free download.

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Saucier was, as you might imagine, thoroughly grateful for Trump’s effort to free him herunterladen.

“Thank you, sir for your bravery and for standing up in the face of so many people who said you would never do the right thing,” he said during a Saturday morning interview with Fox News amazon photos herunterladen. “You proved them wrong time and time again and thank you for having the moral fortitude to follow through on your promises.”

More interestingly, Saucier also made accusations against former president Obama and the Justice Department saying they used him as a scapegoat to take the focus off of Clinton’s illegal handling of top secret information whatsapp lustige videos downloaden.

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“It’s unfortunate that one prosecutor and a couple of FBI agents really just destroyed my life for no reason,” Saucier said of the organization under the previous President bullguard internet security herunterladen. “This case could have been handled at a much lower level within the military as it should have been because I was active duty at the time, and I would have taken my punishment the same way like a man.”

He added, “It was a clear attempt by the Department of Justice under President Obama to use me as a scapegoat to take the heat off of Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information.”

It’s an accusation that seems plausible in the era of Obama/Clinton how can I download podcast.

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