Panic: Democrat Chief of Staff Says Obamacare “Could Be the Demise of the Democratic Party”

Democrats on the hill are in a full-blown meltdown over the Obamacare train wreck, with one Chief of Staff even lamenting that if the President doesn’t get things fixed “this could be the demise of the Democratic party.”

He added that the mood on Capitol Hill is “really bad.”

Via Townhall:

President Obama’s relationship with congressional Democrats has worsened to an unprecedented low, Democratic aides say.

They are letting it be known that House and Senate Democrats are increasingly frustrated, bitter and angry with the White House over ObamaCare’s botched rollout, and that the president’s mea culpa in a news conference last week failed to soothe any ill will.

Sources who attended a meeting of House chiefs of staff on Monday say the room was seething with anger over the immense damage being done to the Democratic Party and talk was of scrapping rollout events for the Affordable Care Act.

“Here we are, we’re supposed to be selling this to people, and it’s all screwed up,” one chief of staff ranted. “This either gets fixed or this could be the demise of the Democratic Party.”

“It’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen it,” the aide said of the recent mood on Capitol Hill. “It’s bad. It’s really bad.”

A recent CBS poll shows why the Democrats are in disarray and running away from the President.

Via the NRCC:

According to CBS, only 37% approve of President Obama’s job performance, a nine point drop in just one month. A whopping 61% oppose ObamaCare, and only 7% believe the law is “working well.”

Only 7% believe it is working well.  To put that in perspective, the percentage of Americans who think Congress is working well is higher than 7%.  And everybody hates Congress.

Meanwhile, the White House finally has a solution to the problem… Simply stop calling it Obamacare.  See because, if we change the name back to the Affordable Care Act, people will have no idea that the law still sucks.

And yes, they really do think you’re that dumb.

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