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A new poll shows that a vast majority of Americans support the military being called in to assist police forces in stopping violent riots.

Overwhelming Majority of Americans Support Trump’s Plan to Use Military To Squash Riots

Cruz to Rosenstein:

(VIDEO) Cruz to Rosenstein: Either You Were Complicit in the Wrongdoing, or You Were Grossly Negligent

President Trump sent a message to the

President Trump Slams Cuomo For Refusing National Guard Help, Mocks Brother Fredo

Democrat nominee Joe Biden believes police officers need to be trained to shoot assailants in the leg in order to reduce fatalities.

Biden Wants Cops Under Attack to Shoot People in the Leg

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer issued a joint statement condemning President Trump for using 'tear-gas' on 'peaceful' protesters, only to be proven wrong.

Pelosi and Schumer Hammer Trump For Attacking ‘Peaceful’ Protesters – Then The Truth Came Out