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Fox News host Tucker Carlson slammed Barack Obama as

Tucker Slams Barack Obama As “One of the Sleaziest” Political Figures After John Lewis Eulogy

Susan Rice blamed President Trump for the lives lost during the coronavirus pandemic, claiming the previous administration had set him up for success.

Susan Rice: Loss of Over 150,000 American Lives To Pandemic Is On Donald Trump

CBS News conducted a mail-in voting experiment that showed significant problems, prompting President Trump to suggest the election be delayed.

Trump Wonders If Election Should Be Delayed After CBS Runs Mail-In Voting Experiment That Goes Horribly Wrong

Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones fired back hard after MSNBC host Craig Melvin suggested he might be getting paid to support President Trump.

Black Democrat Goes Off on MSNBC Host Craig Melvin After He Accuses Him of Being Paid to Support Trump

Michelle and Barack Obama took a couple of childish jabs at President Trump during the former First Lady's debut podcast on Spotify.

Michelle and Barack Obama Take Shots at President Trump In First Podcast