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Eric Early on Schiff:

VIDEO: Schiff’s GOP Opponent Eric Early Calls Him a ‘National Disgrace’ and ‘Clown’

Guests and hosts alike on 'The View' were torn up over President Trump's recent reference to the classic movie 'Gone With the Wind.'

Ladies of ‘The View’ Claim Trump Praise For “Gone With the Wind” Is Racist

President Trump accused House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of leaking information that Russia is trying to help Bernie Sanders.

VIDEO: Trump Accuses Schiff of Leaking Info That Russia Was Helping Bernie Sanders

Senator Tim Scott is predicting a significant uptick in support from the black community for President Trump on Election Day.

Senator Tim Scott Predicts Trump Could Gain 50 Percent In Support From Black Voters

Keith Ellison demanded proof that supporters of Bernie Sanders are prone to violence before Rep. Steve Scalise stepped in with quite the response.

Keith Ellison Asks For Proof That Bernie Supporters Are Violent – Steve Scalise Made Him Wish He Hadn’t