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Tucker: How Could Dems Lead America When They Hate Our History and Ideals?

The NFL will reportedly play the 'Black National Anthem' prior to games and allow players to put names of victims of police brutality on their uniforms.

Former Football Great Slams NFL For Vowing to Play ‘Black National Anthem’ at Games

President Trump mocked CNN's Chris Cuomo's ratings, calling him 'Fredo' and suggesting he be moved back to a morning slot.

Trump Mocks Chris Cuomo’s Ratings – ‘Fake News Doesn’t Pay, Fredo’

Ben Carson agrees that a Black Lives Matter mural is a symbol of hate, asking what reaction would be if somebody painted a Confederate flag on the streets.

Ben Carson on Black Lives Matter Mural: What If Somebody Painted a Confederate Flag On Public Street?

Marcellus Wiley eviscerated the NBA's reported plans to paint

Marcellus Wiley Slams NBA Plan to Paint ‘Black Lives Matter’ on Courts