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Marc Mallory, the husband of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, reportedly tried to have his boat placed in the water before Memorial Day weekend.

Governor Whitmer’s Husband Reportedly Ignored Her Own Guidelines, Tried to Get Boat in Water

MSNBC Reporter:

(VIDEO) Busted! Bystander Makes MSNBC Reporter Admit that the Cameraman Is Not Wearing Mask

Hillary Clinton celebrated Andrew Cuomo's coronavirus response on Memorial Day, but completely ignored any commentary about military personnel.

Hillary Clinton Receives Backlash For Celebrating Andrew Cuomo – Not Military – On Memorial Day

Governor Andrew Cuomo lectured New Yorkers who refuse to wear masks outside, hinting they are 'stupid' and claiming coronavirus cases will go back up.

Cuomo Lectures ‘Stupid’ People Who Go Outside Without Masks

Rand Paul and Andy Biggs published an op-ed in which they call out Dr. Anthony Fauci, warning there won't be an America to reopen if he has his way.

Rand Paul, Andy Biggs: If We Keep Listening to Fauci, There Won’t Be an America to Reopen