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Video has surfaced of former Secretary of State John Kerry adamantly insisting Middle East peace was not possible without the Palestinians.

John Kerry Taunted After Video Surfaces of Him Declaring Peace in the Middle East Is Not Possible

Joe Biden, desperate to gain traction with Hispanic voters in Florida, compared President Trump to the late Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro.

Biden, Desperate to Appeal to Hispanic Voters, Compares Trump to Fidel Castro

Kayleigh McEnany was disgusted with the press corp after they refused to ask any questions about President Trump's historic peace deal.

Kayleigh McEnany Hammers Media After They Refuse to Ask One Question About Historic Middle East Peace Deals

AOC believes that she and her fellow radicals can

AOC: The Radical Left Will ‘Push’ Biden In a ‘More Progressive Direction’

Joe Biden decided to pander by playing the Spanish-language song

Struggling With Latino Voters Biden Plays, Dances To “Despacito” at Hispanic Event