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Bill de Blasio’s Trump Derangement and virtue signaling are having real consequences on his city, making it the epicenter of the coronavirus crisis.

NYC is the Epicenter of the Coronavirus Outbreak Because of De Blasio

A woman who served as a former staff assistant to then-Senator Joe Biden accuses the Democrat candidate of sexual assault in 1993.

Former Assistant Accuses Biden of Sexual Assault

Gutfeld on Hillary:

Gutfeld Rips Hillary Coronavirus Tweet: ‘I’d Say She Should Rot in Hell But I Think She’s Already There’

The Senate coronavirus stimulus bill, passed by a 96-0 vote Wednesday, provides $350 million for

Coronavirus Bill Provides $350 Million For Migrant and Refugee Assistance

Rep. Haley Stevens had a meltdown on the House floor as lawmakers debated the coronavirus relief bill to provide economic support to Americans.

VIDEO: Michigan Dem Rep. Haley Stevens Has a Meltdown on the House Floor