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CNN anchor Don Lemon believes the way to rectify the Mount Rushmore 'controversy' is to add Barack Obama to the majestic monument.

Don Lemon Wants Barack Obama Added to Mount Rushmore ‘Front and Center’

Pelosi on rioters tearing down a Christopher Columbus statue:

Pelosi on Tearing Down Christopher Columbus Statue: ‘I Don’t Even Have My Grandmother’s Earrings’

Tucker Carlson doubled down on his criticism of Democrats who hate America, again singling out Senator Tammy Duckworth and calling her a

Tucker Carlson AGAIN Slams Dems For Hating America, Calls Duckworth a ‘Coward’

Senator Marsha Blackburn is calling on Rep. Ilhan Omar to resign after the Squad member called for the

Senator Calls On Ilhan Omar to Resign For ‘Threat to Our Democracy’

Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana dismissed the Squad's recent anti-police legislation, calling them

Tlaib, Pressley Introduce Bill From Group That Wants to “Abandon” Police and Prisons