Outrageous: Democrat Tells Double Amputee Veteran to ‘Stand’ and ‘Be a Man’

Democrats are always attacking the brave heroes of America’s military. And what one Democrat congressional candidate just did to his opponent – who is a double-amputee veteran of the war in Afghanistan, shows how truly sick the left really is.

Democrat congressional candidate and prominent Hillary Clinton donor Randy Perkins berated his opponent for daring to claim military service makes him qualified to represent the people of his district.

“Tell me why the sacrifices and the services that you have provided for this country make you capable of solving issues?” Perkins sneered.

But it gets worse – much, much worse. Perkins told the double-amputee veteran he wasn’t “man enough” to “stand” behind his campaign ads.

Watch this disgusting attack:


Via NTK Network:

During a candidate forum hosted by the TC Palm, Democrat Randy Perkins attacked his Republican opponent, combat veteran Brian Mast, for a TV ad that Perkins said was untrue.

Perkins, who repeatedly got heated and raised his voice during the forum, accused Mast of not being “man enough” to stand behind an ad. The ad in question was paid for by the NRCC, not Mast, and is no longer on the airwaves.

“You’ll let the [NRCC] do your dirty work for you, but you’re not man enough to stand behind your own ads.” Perkins said. “So be a man, and stand behind your own ads.”

Perkins and the company he serves as CEO for, AshBritt Inc., have made $62,100 in federal campaign contributions to Democrats, including $13,500 to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 White House bid.

Perhaps Perkins should be a man and stand behind the woman he supports for President –  a serial liar and borderline criminal.

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