Outrage: Muslims Demand THIS Phrase Be Removed From 9/11 Monument

A Muslim group in central New York is creating quite a stir, demanding that two words they find offensive be removed from a 9/11 monument.

The Islamic Organization Of The Southern Tier has taken umbrage with the words, ‘Islamic Terrorists’ to describe the Islamic terrorists that killed thousands of Americans on 9/11. They fear such incendiary language facts would lead to anti-Muslim backlash, violence, or both.

The memorial in Owego consists of pieces of the subway rail that ran under the World Trade Center.

Via Heat Street:

A Muslim activist group in New York state is asking that the words “Islamic terrorists” be scrubbed from a 9-11 memorial because it fears the language is inflammatory and may lead to anti-Muslim violence.

The group, the Islamic Organization of Southern Tier, tells KTRK-TV that the monument in Owego, NY unfairly paints all Muslims with the same brush. It would prefer that the word “Islamic” be scrubbed and replaced with just “terrorists” or even “Al Qaeda terrorists.”

But town officials are pushing back. Owego town supervisor Donald Castellucci says the monument is accurate as-is and will not be altered.

“I don’t live in a politically-correct world,” Castellucci says. “I live in a historical fact world and terrorism — whether it’s American homegrown, Christianity, Islamic — you call it what it is.”

An image of the inscribed stone for the monument can be seen below …

The group has requested that the monument instead describe the Islamic terrorists as simply “terrorists” or “Al Qaeda terrorists.”

Castellucci insisted that the words are nothing more than facts.

“We’ve done the accurate citing of what happened,” he explained.

Check out the Fox News report below …

Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com


Facts don’t lie. And memorials shouldn’t change them simply to avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

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