One of the central themes for Hillary Clinton and the defense of her private e-mail server has been that none of the information she received was “marked” classified at the time.

Yesterday’s e-mail dump from the State Department reveals one particular communication in which Clinton inquired as to whether or not unmarked material could have actually been classified.

The e-mail blows a big hole in the presidential front runners argument by indicating she knew full-well that the unmarked material could still be considered classified.

Via ABC News:

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One of the emails released today shows that Clinton at one point raised the possibility that a message she received may have contained classified information.

“If it’s not classified or otherwise inappropriate,” she wrote, “can you send to the NYTimes reporters…?” The message, it turns out, was unclassified.


Regardless of the final designation, Chuck Ross at the Daily Caller explains that the e-mail “suggest(s) that she was well aware that classified information can be classified regardless of if it is “marked” or “unmarked.”