One Burning Question About the Las Vegas Shooting That Has Everyone Confused

In the wake of the Las Vegas attack, numerous questions have been raised while very few answers have come to light.

One such mystery would include the speed at which the FBI is able to determine certain matters depending on what is being investigated.

For instance, as is typical of any shooting or horrific attack, federal agents are quick to unravel the mystery and make a determination as to the ideology behind the perp.

If the attack is carried out by a radical jihadist, reports quickly surface but are buried under calls to ‘not jump to conclusions.’

If it appears there are no radical ties, they quickly declare this to the public, almost gleefully.

But there’s one burning question we can’t figure out … How is the FBI able to determine there were no terrorist ties in the Las Vegas case within hours, but it takes months for them to draw conclusions in other major investigations.


Riddle me this, indeed.

ISIS has repeatedly claimed that the Las Vegas gunman converted to Islam, but the FBI dismissed the claim almost immediately.

Meanwhile, Democrats have been screeching about Russian/Trump collusion and the FBI investigation looks like this …



It’s not for lack of trying. After 10 months, more than 100 interviews over 250 hours, producing more than 4,000 pages of transcripts, and pouring through over 100,000 pages of documents, they still have found no evidence of collusion.

Sen. Richard Burr has stated that the Intel Committee does not have any findings on collusion with Russia.


“There are concerns that we continue to pursue,” Burr said. “The committee continues to look into all evidence to see if there was any hint of collusion. Now, I’m not going to even discuss initial findings because we haven’t any.”

No evidence, no pronouncements from the FBI.

But the Las Vegas shooting has very little evidence period, and still there is a quick declaration that there was no evidence the shooter had been linked to ISIS.

That is, until a local sheriff raised the possibility.

“I want to understand the motivation that you described, okay, to prevent any future incidents, and, you know, did this person get radicalized unbeknownst to us?” Clark County Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said. “And we want to identify that source.”

The FBI on the other hand, already came to the conclusion that there was no link.

It’s remarkable what authorities are willing to say depending on who or what is being investigated.

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