Rep. Ilhan Omar penned an op-ed in the New York Times denouncing President Trump as a racist, lacing the column with easily disproven lies, and saying she’s experienced prejudice in America since day one “as a visibly Muslim woman.”

Ms herunterladen. Omar, any disdain you’ve had directed toward you is less likely due to being ‘visibly Muslim,’ and more likely because you’re audibly ignorant and provably anti-American harry potter pc game download.

In her column, Omar (D-MN) addressed the recent controversy surrounding the President’s ‘go back‘ comments by skewering a boatload of facts teamspeak 3 zum downloaden.

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First, she further perpetuates the myth that the President “tacitly accepted” bigotry spewed by neo-Nazi groups in Charlottesville, a media-driven hoax which easily falls apart under scrutiny children's music for free legal.

Additionally, she refers to Trump’s immigration policies – including the “caging of immigrant children at the border or the banning of Muslim immigrants,” the latter which doesn’t exist and the former even she admits was something Barack Obama got away with – as “racist.”

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Omar: America Was Prejudiced Toward Me

When Omar recounts how she escaped her war-torn native country of Somalia, coming to the United States as a child, however, her true anti-American colors come out windows 10 usb stick.

“The America we arrived in was different from the one my grandfather had hoped to find,” she recalled. “The land of opportunity he imagined was in fact full of challenges.”

She continued, “People identified me in ways that were foreign to me: immigrant, black agario herunterladen. I learned that these identities carried stigmas, and I experienced prejudice as a visibly Muslim woman.”

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The Left Hates America

Omar sounds very similar to her many Democratic colleagues who have said America was never that great to begin with Download background images for free.

  • Pete Buttigieg said America “was never as great as advertised.”
  •  Cory Booker has said, “There’s things that are savagely wrong in this country.”
  •  Socialist curmudgeon Bernie Sanders announced that “there is something fundamentally immoral and wrong about (America).”

Quite the theme there, Democrats tiktok fans ohne apps herunterladen.

Omar goes on to complain that under this administration, “our democratic institutions have been weaponized” and the President is using “overtly racist rhetoric to strike fear and division in communities of color and religious minorities.”

Funny, she almost word for word described what America was like under Obama word 2003 kostenlos herunterladen.

When Omar complains that “ignorance really is pervasive in many parts of this country,” this op-ed demonstrates it certainly exists within her.

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