Omar Demands United Nations Intervene on Border Crisis, Says US Losing Moral High Ground

Speaking at a community forum on immigration, Rep. Ilhan Omar insisted the United States is “losing the moral high ground” on the matter and demanded the United Nations intervene.

Calling on a corrupt outside organization to intervene in the operations of a sovereign nation and beacon of light to the world is peak Democrat.

Omar laid out a wide-ranging plan for overhauling the immigration system in our country, seemingly unaware that as a member of Congress, she can play an active role in that change.

Instead, she called for outside help, likely due to her view that the Trump administration is too ‘immoral’ to implement leftist ideals of open borders and decriminalization of illegals.


“Listen, folks, we’re really losing our moral high ground,” Omar, a Somali-born refugee alleged.

She continued by assailing the United States as having committed “human rights violations,” saying it can’t go on “if we want to continue to be the kind of country that condemns countries in Africa or Asia or Latin American countries for its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.”

“We have to bring in the United Nations high commissioner on refugees, an agency that has the expertise and training to handle massive flows of refugees humanely.”

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How about, no?

Ms. Omar, had your resistance party cooperated with Republicans in dealing with the humanitarian crisis by funding border security, authorities would not have to detain people as they illegally cross our borders.

It is you that decided you were okay with that when you called President Trump’s proposed border measures “hateful.”

It is your party that created this mess by refusing to address the crisis as it was happening and then being upset when it grew out of control.

And now it is you who needs to get to work and do something about it – not by shifting the burden to the United Nations.

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Speaking of moral high ground, Omar is most assuredly not the authority.

She has declared America will not be “the country of white people,” blamed America for the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, backed dictator Nicolas Maduro, and defended Palestinian terror attacks on Israel.

Should someone who supports terrorism, hates American ideals, is a clear racist, and works to implement a socialist government that literally results in the deaths of thousands, be the authority on morals in the Democrat party?

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Omar, who accuses others of being ignorant, might be surprised to learn that the United Nations themselves built a wall dividing Cyprus in order to separate Turkish and Greek combatants in 1974.

Walls work. The U.N. on the other hand?

The late, great conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer shredded the organization as being despicable.

“We’re paying an organization that spends half its time – more than half its time and energy and resources trying to attack the only Jewish state on the planet, a tiny little spec, while genocide mayhem, murder, terrorism is going on all over the world,” he chastised.

“The rest of the time is spent undermining the United States and democracy and our allies around the world,” he added.

Just like the new Democrat party.

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