They’ve been hyping the threat of right-wing, or home grown militia-like terrorist attacks for years, all the while ignoring the very real threat of Islamic radicals how can I apps at windows 10.

Perhaps had the administration spent less time targeting conservatives, or monitoring average Americans, and instead actually monitored the activities of known terror concerns, we wouldn’t have successful attacks in Boston or Fort Hood ninja spiele kostenlos downloaden.

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Via the Boston Globe:

The scenario had been carefully planned: A terrorist group prepared to hurt vast numbers of people around Boston would leave backpacks filled with explosives at Faneuil Hall, the Seaport District, and in other towns, spreading waves of panic and fear winzipen gratis. Detectives would have to catch the culprits.

Months of painstaking planning had gone into the exercise, dubbed “Operation Urban Shield,” meant to train dozens of detectives in the Greater Boston area to work together to thwart a terrorist threat herunterladen. The hypothetical terrorist group was even given a name: Free America Citizens, a home-grown cadre of militiamen whose logo would be a metal skull wearing an Uncle Sam hat and a furious expression, according to a copy of the plans obtained by the Boston Globe das tagebuch der anne frank kostenlos downloaden.

But two months before the training exercise was to take place, the city was hit with a real terrorist attack executed in a frighteningly similar fashion gratis schnittmuster kinder downloaden. The chaos of the Boston Marathon bombings disrupted plans for the exercise, initially scheduled for this weekend, forcing police to postpone. Now officials must retool aspects of the training https /

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“The real thing happened before we were able to execute,” said a law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the planned exercise. “We’ve already been tested.”

The “Free America Citizens” terror training was funded by a $200,000 grant from Homeland Security love tester kostenlos herunterladen.

Of course, had officials more accurately trained for an Islamic terror attack, the department would have been deemed racist, and CAIR would have filed a lawsuit snipping tool windows 10 kostenlos herunterladen.