Oddsmakers List This Woman As The Leading Hope for Democrats in 2020

Let’s move … right on over to our crystal ball and take a peak into the 2020 presidential campaign.

Anyone whose ever seen Vegas oddsmakers determine the spread in a football game knows they are consistently very close to their predictions.

Which is reason enough to give pause when a gambling site explains that the Democrats’ leading candidate to take back the White House in 2020 is – drum roll please – Michelle Obama.

The online sports gambling website Bovada has Obama listed at 12/1 odds. She leads the way for a party in disarray, ahead of former vice-presidential candidate and Joker body double, Tim Kaine, and fake Native American Elizabeth Warren who are sitting at 14/1 odds.

Perhaps more harrowing – Hillary Clinton is still being given a mid-range chance to revive her campaign in 2020, as is Bernie Sanders, both of whom sit at 20/1 odds.

Before you run away screaming in terror, just relax a bit. Or as Sean Hannity would say, ‘let not your heart be troubled.’

Obama still trails three Republicans in odds to win the White House – President-elect Donald Trump, vice president-elect Mike Pence, and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

Via AOL:

Michelle Obama has the best chance among Democrats to win the 2020 presidential election, according to gambling site Bovada.

The current First Lady is listed at 12/1 to win, but three Republicans are ahead of her. They include President-elect Donald Trump, the favorite at 2/1, but also Vice President-elect Mike Pence and House Speaker Paul Ryan, who both have 10-to-1 odds.

Another way to read that: Bovada thinks its more likely that Pence or Ryan will run as the Republican nominee and win than that Michelle Obama will take the office. The odds don’t go into detail about why Trump wouldn’t seek re-election in the Pence or Ryan scenarios.

For all you Libertarian Party supporters out there – you’re in luck. Your previous candidate, Gary Johnson has made the list. He is listed at 500-1 odds, placing him alongside WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and reality TV star, Kim Kardashian.

When considering Michelle Obama’s chances at running for the White House, it’d be wise to review our list of 8 Times Michelle Obama Has Been Embarrassing as First Lady.

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