A perpetually arrested member of the Occupy Wall Street movement has settled his lawsuit with the city, claiming that he was the victim of multiple beatdowns at the hands of police at Zuccotti Park.

Those beatings allegedly left Shawn Schrader with a “bleeding ear, a hurt thumb and nightmares about cops.”

No explanation was given as to how the gentleman came about developing a nightmare about soap.

Via the NY Daily News:

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The city will pay out an $82,500 settlement to an Occupy Wall Street activist who claims police beat him up and arrested him three times – the last instance booking him on a years-old public urination warrant for someone else, the Daily News has learned.

Shawn Schrader, 24, said the beatdowns left him with a bleeding ear, a hurt thumb and nightmares about cops.

“I settled my lawsuit because the police lawyers made it clear they would fight me tooth and nail on every claim,” Schrader told The News. All charges against Schrader stemming from the three arrests were dropped.

In the final arrest, on May 2012, Schrader claims intelligence officers used the urination warrant as a bogus excuse to suppress his free speech, interrogate him and throw a monkey wrench in the May Day protests he was helping to coordinate.

Gee, who could have possibly predicted that an Occupier had a history of public urination?

Schrader used the pseudonym Shawn Carrie, because you know, who uses their real name while involved in activities that require urinating on something other than a urinal?