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Just another incident we’ve seen with Occupiers using children as human shields.

If you watch a recent video of the Occupy Albany clash with police, you’ll see a gentleman at the 1:42 mark with a little girl (maybe 3 or 4) on his shoulders solitaire kostenlos downloaden deutsch windows 8. You’ll see her again at 3:13. At about 3:45, a woman voicing obvious concern (considering the police are protecting themselves by holding cans of pepper spray) says, “she can stand with me”. 

I can’t make out the man’s immediate response, but he actually says “plus I’d like to see them spray around a child.”  He later adds, “the media would have a field day.”

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I don’t care what the cause, I’m not offering up my child as a pepper spray shield for anything.  Especially just so the media can then turn it into a big story teamviewer 8 deutsch kostenlos.

Video courtesy of TimCast: