Occupy Albany Insists Movement Isn’t Dead, Proves It By Holding 5-Person Yoga Class in a McDonald’s

This past Sunday, remnants of what is left of the Occupy Albany movement celebrated their one-month Anniversary by tying up traffic and insisting that they were “taking it to the man”.  Who that man is, is anybody’s guess.

A report from WNYT-Albany showed protesters insisting that despite a meager number of participants in the historic one-year march, the movement was far from dead.

“As the capacity of an organizer, it never left. It’s not dead. It’s alive and well. It’s just that most of the organizers like myself, had school to do,” said Eddie Alkubari.

It’s not dead.  It’s alive and well.

As if to demonstrate their strength in numbers, the Occupy Albany group organized a massive demonstration which the Times Union said took up at least “a couple of square yards”.

That demonstration?

A lunch-time Yoga class at the Empire Plaza McDonald’s … with 5 people.  I’m quite confident that whoever  ‘the man’ is, he is definitely running scared now.

One leader explains the deep existential reasoning for hosting a Yoga class outside a fast-food joint.

“We’re juxtaposing these diametrically opposed cultures of fast food and Yoga,” demonstration leader Daniel Morrissey said as he prepared to lead a handful of participants through some poses, breathing exercises and chants (actually they changed “There’s no place like hooooome” rather than a simple ooohhhhmmmm.

Wow, man.  That’s really deep and far out little bro.

Watch as the Yoga demonstration starts with four people and an instructor, but expands by a massive 20% when another participant arrives.

Even some of Occupy Albany’s fans questioned the reasoning for such a demonstration upon it’s announcement on the group’s Facebook page.  The announcement implores people to help participants ‘slow the roll of the state employee lunch crowd’.  Because interrupting the break of people who actually work for a living, by holding a Yoga class with people who clearly have no day job, is truly sending a message.
Fans of the group seemed to agree.  A sampling of responses…

“Because people are often receptive to the message of people who are slowing them down while they are hungry on their limited lunch break?”

“I’m all for civil disobedience and disrupting the flow, but at the expense of people on their only true break of their work day? I don’t know how that message will be swallowed.”

Hey Occupy Albany, don’t go away mad … just go away.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go get me a diametrically opposed burger and fries.

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