Obama’s Latest Fundamental Transformation of the United States

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free (to take our handouts, and vote for us).

We were once the beacon of freedom. We were promised a fundamental transformation in 2008.

President Obama is fulfilling his promise, no matter the cost to America.

We have had 6 years of legislation that will hurt America.  And where legislation was not possible, through unilateral decision making that violates the constitution.

We have had the Affordable Care Act.  Years of warning how it would hurt America did not deter democrats from pushing it through.  When the warnings come true, the reporters of the truth are labeled as racist, extremists, or just haters in general.

We had Operation Fast and Furious – running guns across our southern border, not tracking them, and ultimately costing the life of an American Border agent.

We have had the dismissal of IG Gerald Walpin for supposed fraud, after he cited fraud by Obama supporter Kevin Johnson for mismanagement of funds.

We have had the monitoring of nearly every citizen, and that of our foreign allies. All this done without warrants, without cause except for the security of the state.

We had our government label reporters who disagree with them as conspirators, their computers hacked, and their phone calls monitored.  Eric Holder (AG of the US) told congress he was not personally involved, and it turned out he signed the actual warrants.  James Clapper(Director of National Intelligence) testified to congress that no such monitoring was happening.



Trading the Taliban

More flexibility after the election

The list is long.

What America did not know was that the fundamental transformation would happen demographically through illegal immigration. The President has ignored immigration law, under the auspice of policy change, and the run around his defeated Dream Act.

The current situation rivals any invasion in our history, but this one is more insidious because it is condoned, if not encouraged by our Government.  We keep hearing about immigration reform, but the only reform that needs to happen is that our duly elected government follow the law, and stop ignoring it.  The congress has the power to stop this, and they refuse.

Right now, in Fort Sill Oklahoma and at other military installations around the country, soldiers and their families have to prepare for an influx of illegal children who will be housed there.  Fort Sill has a hospital, schools, daycare centers, theaters, gyms, pools, a commissary and Post Exchange.   Due to budget cuts, services for the families of military are being cut. Our Commander in Chief, who has so much respect for the military is about to introduce thousands of more people to this system which will stretch resources even more than they already are. These children will get healthcare, food, clothing, dental care, schooling, and it is pretty clear it will all be done on the installations. They may have diseases we do not know about. You cannot even get on an installation without ID due to security reasons, but suddenly illegals will be welcomed. It is said most are between 13 and 17.  How long before a child jihadist is sent across our southern border, only to hope they get sent to a military installation and can kill for the cause?

This plan endangers what we hold dear – our children and families. When a service member deploys to a dark and dangerous place, they should be able to feel that their families are secure and safe, and not have to face the same dangers they are facing on the battlefield. Ironically our President is inviting this threat into their backyard.

Congress needs to act, and they need to act now.

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