In the wake of yet another terrorist attack presumably carried out by the Islamic State (ISIS), retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn issued a challenge to Muslim leaders – stand up and “condemn this attack.”

Typically, as in the Nice case, radical Islamists are seen celebrating the attacks, while Muslim leaders give weak or tepid statements of condemnation.

Flynn insists it’s time for them to stand up against “this radical form of this ideology in their bloodstream and declare that this thing cannot exist on this planet.”

“Stand up tonight and be counted,” he demanded before explaining that he’s “irritated” and “pissed” about the lack of condemnation for terrorism.

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Via Fox News Insider:

The former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency said he doesn’t know who exactly carried out the attack, but said there’s been a lot of “chatter” by jihadist soldiers praising what happened.

“I want these leaders in this Muslim world that have this radical Islamic ideology festering, metastasizing, to stand up, and stand up tonight and be counted, and say something to condemn this attack that we have just seen.”

Flynn said “we have not set up an international set of strategic objectives to go after this very vicious, very barbaric enemy.”

He also called the current situation a “world war,” though not like one anyone has read about in history books.

Flynn, a man nominated by Barack Obama to serve as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency before his retirement in 2014, recently dropped a bombshell in which he confessed that the president never once met with him face-to-face to discuss ISIS terror threats.

He recently went off on Obama for responding to the terrorist attack in Orlando by holding a climate change meeting in Canada.

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